Hello. This is Me. And My Blog, Meandering Ramblings.


This is a blog meant to contemplate and inspire as I consider and share various aspects of my life- what I’m watching, reading, traveling, doing, thinking- and how that relates to me.

Meandering Ramblings is my opportunity to share some thoughts, ideas, and solicit some opinions about things I’m curious about. Things I’m passionate about. Or perhaps, it’s just something I need to write down. It’s my brave new world and I’m excited to share it with you.

I am a peanut butter lover, avid reader, swimmer,  TV binger, world traveller,  proud dog owner, and all around people person. My life wouldn’t be complete without my friends, family and faith in God.

I am forever the optimist and strive to always see the positive in all situations. Perspective is important to me as I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. There is a purpose in every decision we make.

Somedays I feel like I have it all together. Other days I don’t. Sometimes I doubt myself and other times I stand confident. A twentysomething that’s simply trying to figure it all out. Will you join me?

I’m glad you’re here, and am always open for communication. Just comment on a post, find me on social media, or send a quick email. I’d love to chat!